Utah Wheat for Montana Gold Rush

40 [Utah] [Young, Brigham] CIRCULAR. To the Citizens of Utah.
[Salt Lake City, 1864] 4to, broadside, printed on blue paper. Signed in ink at the bottom, “GSL City, July 5, 1864.”

The 1864 Gold Rush to Idaho and Montana brought speculators into Utah looking to buy the wheat crops. Brigham Young here calls for a convention to set wheat prices for the “many thousands on their way to the adjoining gold regions.” In the meantime, the Saints are told not to sell their wheat for less than 12 dollars a hundred, and that only gold would be accepted in payment from miners (none of those greenbacks!) This is also probably the first time that the leader of the LDS Church asks each member to covenant that “previous to selling any grain, we will reserve at least a year’s supply for ourselves, families and dependents.” Though a small find of these came to the market in the 1970s, no copies are listed for sale online. Not in any bibliographic sources, including McMurtrie, Utah Imprints or Flake.

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