Rare Mining Investment Newspaper

73 [Nevada] Nevada Publishing Co. STOCK LEDGER. Virginia City: October 3, 1877, Vol. 1, No. 5. Folio broadsheet, dampstained at top on both sides, upper left blank missing (just nicking ornamental border), paper browned. Very rare; not listed in OCLC under either Series or Regular title; this newspaper not listed in Gregory, American Newspapers; not in Newspaper Collection, AAS. Lingenfelter & Gash, History of Nev. Newspapers, list a ‘Stock Report’ from 1877 for Virginia City, but not this ‘Stock Ledger’. The scout who found this told me that this newspaper lasted less than a week because it came out just before the crash in silver mining stocks. Besides stock prices and ads, the paper also has a directory of ‘Active Comstock Mines’ with information on each.

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