Rare Civil War Texana

49 [Civil War] May, William, Capt. THE OLD
TEXAS. February 17, March 1, March 13, 1864.
Vol. 1, Numbers 1 to 3 (all issued). With three
page printed addenda, List of Officers Prisoners
of War at Camp Ford, and with 1 page cover
introduction. Some browning but very good.

Rare. The Old Flag was the handwritten
production of Capt. May (23rd Conn.) to
entertain the Union prisoners at Camp Ford
and was circulated by hand; after his release, he
took the 3 issues home (badly worn) and had a
lithographed set of 50 copies produced at
Bridgeport, Conn., in October of 1864. “The Old
Flag was published during an imprisonment of 13 months in Tyler, Texas, upon a sheet of unruled letter paper, in imitation of print, with a steel pen.” Camp Ford was named for John ‘Rip’ Ford. Eberstadt 114:768: “One of the most remarkable periodicals.” There was a souvenir reproduction done in 1914 of these three lithographed papers, also called The Old Flag, which is sometimes found in the trade, but this original 1864 production is much rarer. No copies online.

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