Original Advertisement for Texas Postal Route

82 [Postal History – Confederate] Offutt, St. George, Chief of Contract Bureau. ALs, on
Letterhead of Confederate States of America, Post Office Department, Contract Bureau. 1 pp., in ink, June 16th, 1862, with small printed advertisement pasted at bottom: Route 82.
(8616). From Orange, by Salem, Bellgrade and Newton, to Burkeville, 80 Miles and Back, Once a Week. Leave Orange Friday at 2 p.m. Arrive at Burkeville Sunday by 12 m. Leave Burkeville Sunday at 2 p.m. Arrive at Orange Tuesday by 12 m. Some folds repaired on letter, browning to advertisement.

The head of the Confederate Postal Contract bureau writes to an unknown correspondent to reopen the bids for the Orange – Burkeville route because “The only proposal received by the Department for the transportation of the mail for four years… ist that of Mr. Seymour White, at the rate of $1600 per annum, which the Postmaster General [a native Texan] deems extravagantly high, and therefore has not accepted. Hence it becomes necessary to obtain new proposals…” The correspondent was directed to obtain a temporary carrier, at the most favorable terms to the Deparment, and to re-advertise and forward the new proposals. An unusual piece of Confederate mail history.

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