Missouri Author

63 [Missouri] Munch, Federico. Villani, Tiberio, trans. Lo Stato Missuri, Manuale per
L’Emigrazione Tedesca. Reggio Nell’ Emilia, [Italy]: Stefano Calderini e Comp., 1868. 8vo,
original green printed wrappers, [LXIII pp. preface] + 180 pp., uncut.

This edition of a guide to Missouri for Italian immirgants is not listed in Howes M878, which notes the original German edition from New York in 1858, plus one in Germany and an 1875 edition in NY) is not just a translation; the author has written a 63 page preface
highlighting the advantages to the United States and Missouri. The author, Munch, settled as a farmer in Missouri and was in the state legislature from 1862 to 1866; he also wrote the first book on American grape varieties, and founded the Mount Pleasant Winery. One copy only of this Italian edition listed on OCLC (Kansas City), and not listed in St. Louis Mercantile Library.

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