Kansas Stagecoach Broadside

86 [Stagecoach] Green’s ‘Cannon Ball’ STAGE
Daily. To Saratoga and Pratt Center, Greensburgh and Coldwater, AND ALL POINTS
WEST. Kingman, Kas.: Courier’s Presses, [1886].
4to broadside, 11 x 6 inches, printed in black
with a red border and ornament. Backed with
an early stiff advertising board, small edge
chips, generally very good.

The proprietor, D.R. Green, took great pride in
the speed of his stagecoach: “All my stages are
fast, but the Cannon Ball 4-In Hand is the
take the Cannon Ball, then you can tell them
East that you had a fast ride. Should passengers
get left, do not blame the drivers, they have
imperative orders to leave on time and make
time.” There is still a historical marker outside
of Greensburg on Highway 54 identifying it as
the “Cannonball Stage Line Highway.” This
stage line ran from Kingman, Kansas (approximately 50 miles West of Wichita), as far West as Greensburgh, which Green helped to found in 1886. No copies in OCLC, and Western stagecoach broadsides are among the rarest of imprints.

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