Goldfield, Nevada Brothels

4 [Brothel] Collection of Four Brothel Tokens from Goldfield, Nevada Brothels, 1905-1915. Circular metal tokens, housed in hard, clear
collector cases, each with Numismatic Conservation Services
guarantees of authenticity on the cases. Sizes range from ¾ inch to
1¼ inches. Condition generally very good.

Unlike the ‘fantasy’ reproduction tokens sometimes seen at shows, these genuine tokens do not have any bawdy references. The tokens are: 1) Dorothy Reed. The Harem. Goldfield, Nev. / Good for 25¢ in Trade; 2) Red Top Bar Ajax &Martin Goldfield, Nev. / Good for 6¼¢ in Trade; 3) Rebate Check 2½¢ The Den. W.A. Schabel, Prop. Goldfield, Nevada; 4) Red Top Bar. 12½ Bob Martin / 12½¢. Rare printed on metal evidences of prostitution during the prime mining expansion in this Nevada gold camp.

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