Eureka Fire in 1873

32 [Nevada] WE STILL LIVE! Slightly Disfigured, but Still in the Ring! Eureka Daily Sentinel, Friday, Nov. 21, 1873. Narrow 4to broadside extra, unevenly printed, generally very good. A rare broadside extra account of the fire which devastated the mining camp of Eureka, Nevada in 1873. “On the morning of the 20th about half-past 12 a fire broke out in one of those incendiary institutions, a Chinese wash-house, a few doors south of the Sentinel building, and in three minutes the whole block was in flames. Our dwelling, furniture, clothing, printing office,
including presses and material of every kind went with the rest. From the printing office a small proof press, three cases of advertising type, and three galleys of matter, were all that could be rescued.” The paper lists the losses of the fire, and notifys patrons that new printing supplies had already been ordered
and were en route from San Francisco via the fastest shippingmethod; the paper would resume publication at that time. The Sentinel was the first newspaper in Eureka, beginning publication in 1870; Gregory reports holding of scattered issues, mostly from the later 1870s and early 80s.

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