Colorado – Map of the Pike’s Peak Gold Districts

52 [Colorado] Map of the Pike’s Peak Gold
Districts. New York: The Weekly Herald,
September 1, 1860. Vol. XXIV, No. 35. Elephant
folio newspaper, excellent condition. The map
occupies the top center of the newspaper and
measures approximately 7 ½ x 4 ½ inches (not
including the title).

The map is very interesting, showing Denver as
being in Kansas, while the Nebraska line is
shown just south of Boulder City; Middle Park
and North Park are identified as parts of Utah.
Among the locations shown on the map are
Bayou Salade Valley, Tarryall Diggings, Blue
Diggings, Colorado City and others; roads
include the Golden City and South Park Road,
Jefferson, Fort St. Vrain; the California Road
goes north from Denver City, while the ‘New
Express Road’ heads northeast from Denver,
and the ‘Old Express road’ heads southeast
from Denver. In addition, the entire front page
is occupied with information about the mines and cities of the Pike’s Peak regions, and there are two additional columns inside the paper with more information about the Gold Districts of the “Rocky Mountains,” as well as an extensive history of the discoveries. No bib. references found for this item worthy of further study.

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