Birds-Eye View of Temple Square

67 [Mormon] Brixen, Andrew C. Birds-Eye
View of Salt Lake City. Valley House, Opposite
Temple and Tabernacle. [Chicago: Conc &
Chandler, 1883] Large double-folding
lettersheet, back side is wood-engraved birdseye view measuring approximately 11 x 17 inches,
opposite side is lettersheet on one side “Office
of the Valley House, Salt Lake City, Utah 188_”;
other side is key to principal points of interest
in Salt Lake City, and below that is “Mark
Twain’s Idea of What a Hotel Should Be” with
24 ‘rules.’ Light browning, creased fold split on
left side, small tear with missing area on right
border, but generally very good.

A very rare and unrecorded lettersheet birdseye view of Salt Lake City (from the Northwest, looking Southeast), with numbered points of interest found on the key, including Walker Bros. Opera House, Fort Douglas, street car lines, Warm Spring Creek and Warm Spring Bath Houses, irrigation creek, a race park, the Jordan River, the Utah Western R.R., the Union Depot and the D & RG depot; the map goes as far west as 7th West; the southern portion of the city ended at 8th South; Sugar House is shown
as a separate community on the hill. Not located on OCLC (which does have birds-eye
views for Salt Lake City listed for 1867, 1870, 1875, and 1891). Not in Reps. I have not been able to locate a bibliographic citation for ‘Mark Twain’s Idea of What A Hotel Should Be,’ but the twenty-four rules are obviously humorous and meant to entertain: “7. Every Guest will have the best seat in the dining hall and the best waiter…. And, of course, especially number 24: “N.B. – All rival landlords with a kleptomaniac disposition are fraternally invited to appropriate this for their own use…as it is copyrighted.”

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