Archive of Largely Unrecorded Territorial Imprints

71 [Nebraska] Pattee & Gardiner. LAST NOTICE! Omaha Legal Enterprise. Grand Gift Concert in Aid of the Mercy Hospital at Omaha. [Omaha, 1872] Broadside, blue ink, 21 x 4 ½ inches, folded with tears at edges; WITH: Make Up Clubs! Omaha Legal Gift Enterprise in Aid of the Mercy Hospital. [Omaha, ca. 1872] 8vo handbill, blue pencil underlining, fine; WITH: Omaha Lottery, In Aid of Mercy Hospital. NO MORE TICKETS can be Furnished to Agents on Commission. [Omaha, ca. 1872] 8vo handbill, creased, very good. WITH: Grand Gift Concert in Aid of Mercy Hospital. IMPORTANT TO ALL. [Omaha, ca. 1872] 8vo, handbill, creased, else fine; WITH: LAST CHANCE! Relief for the Sick and Destitute. Omaha Legal Enterprise in Aid of Mercy Hospital. [Omaha, ca. 1872] 8vo handbill, folds and creasing. Very good. A collection of five broadside imprints from Nebraska Territory. The first broadside in this collection is Nebraska Imprints Inventory 269 (1 holding at Nebraska Hist.); all of the others are unrecorded and not in OCLC. A somewhat neglected subject in Western American scholarship is that of lotteries as public enterprises and scandals in the West. Eventually, this resulted in the U.S. banning the mailing of lottery tickets in 1890, effectively ending the useof public lotteries for benefits. One of the more infamous lotteries was that of Louisiana in the late 19th-century; but Nebraska was not alone; there were also lotteries in Wyoming and other Western states and territories.

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